Do you like to play the games that tell a certain story? It is much more interesting to discover mysteries that unroll in front of your eyes, and you can make the plot work in a bit different way. Steam developed a new game, where you can play for a cool dad, and make friends with different men. This game appeared in July, 2017, and it became a mega hit. Gamers from all the world decided to test the Dream Daddy, and you can join the great team of admirers, and decide, whether this game is really cool, or it doesn’t worth attention (but it really does).

Your character has moved to another place, and he needs to make new friends. Actually, he is single and handsome, and he wants to find romance as well. Though, he isn’t interested in women anymore, and he is looking for the same-sex relationships. That is why your character gets acquainted with other men around him, who are fathers as well, and they have at least one topic in common. There are seven impressive characters for you to choose from, and you should develop your relationships with every neighbor. There is a Dadbook that will help you a bit, because it contains some information about the dates, but it doesn’t give you hints on how to react on different situations you will be put in.

You need to learn more about your new friends, and you will have three dates for each of them, before you make the final decision about your ideal soul mate. Remember that you create your character, and only you form a couple for him. You may be involved in mini-games, but in most cases you need to read some lines and answer respectively. If your choice was right, you will see hearts and other romantic signs, but if your response isn’t correct, then your communication with a certain men will end tragically. Finally, after several attempts, you will be able to find a real love for your Dad, but don’t forget to take care about his teen-age daughter that needs her father as well.


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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