Robert Ending


Who’s that man sitting in the bar and sipping whiskey? He looks hot. He’s watching the game too. Say something to start a conversation, don’t be shy! You’ll see that’s not difficult to attract his attention. Now you know that his name’s Robert. The guy’s wearing jeans, a T-shirt and a leather jacket. His hair is a bit messy but it gives him a sexy look. Don’t hesitate, have a drink with Rob! According to the game script, you won’t feel lonely this night. It turns out that you and Robert live in the same neighborhood. He wants to walk you home and maybe something more. Of course, you’ve got the right to refuse his charm, but will you be able to? Give yourself a pleasure to spend the night with the pretty boy. Maybe in the morning you’ll feel guilty but who cares! At least you’ve had fun. Will you see Robert again or it was just a crazy accident? Relax and think everything over. After coping with your hangover, of course, or you’ve forgotten about it? Headache will remind you of yesterday’s shots. When you feel ok, go find that seductive man in a leather jacket. Perhaps, he’ll come to the bar again and you can wink at him, hinting that you liked the things he did to you. It’s a pity that he didn’t leave his telephone number.

You’ll have enough time to find out what kind of person Robert is. For those who are extremely impatient, we can reveal some secrets. In the final scene you’ll meet Val, Robert’s daughter. She’s gonna tell you her father’s changed for better, due to your relationship. This episode is followed by a conversation between Val and Amanda. Amanda compliment’s Val’s vibe and the girls decide to work together on photography. Even children have found a common language! Speaking about adults, they sit at the table and talk too. Robert admits that he’s been doing better recently. He says that he fights against the vices and self-destruction, but unfortunately, he’s got many drawbacks left. Robert needs time for entire emotional recover. And you understand and respect his choice, although you feel a little sad. Love hurts! Robert says he likes you but can’t get into something serious. He thinks you deserve a better man. But you still can be friends! Mysterious Robert will haunt you in your dreams and maybe there both of you will feel happy! Anyway, you should never get depressed, because you’ve got a bunch of daddies craving to see you. Give them a chance! Don’t be picky with boyfriends!


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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