Joseph’s Good Ending


Do you like to play the games, where you should build relationships and find a new love, if you are lucky enough? If your answer is positive, then you should try a new hit of July, 2017, Dream Daddy Joseph’s Good Ending, where you will be playing a single father, who is in search of a perfect soul mate. Don’t hesitate a second, and start hilarious game, where you will become the master of someone’s destiny!

First thing you do, when you start the game, is the choice of appearance for your caring father. There are a lot of options to choose from, but you need to know that you are creating only appearance, not the traits of character, so the face and body may be opposite to the traits that the game will grant to your hero. Then you may start the novel, because the most part of story lies in dialogues. You are a handsome daddy (if it was your choice, of course), and you recently moved into a new area. Now you need to make friends with your neighbors, but your character is interested not in women, but in men, same dads, as he is. He can add his new friends into a Dadbook (reminds you of Facebook, doesn’t it?), and go on three dates with each candidate. Sometimes you won’t understand that was actually a date, until you are estimated. You will get a grade after every date, and this will help you to learn, whether you are a nice couple, or not.

You will see life as it is, with its difficulties that every father has. You will see even a married one, and there comes a conflict, when he has to choose between a man and a woman. Actually, the plot of Dream Daddy isn’t typical, but it attract by the abundance of funny moments that happen in any relationships. The interesting moment comes in the beginning, when you create the life-story for your character. Here you include information about his sexual orientation, and whether the daughter is really his, or adopted. You may experiment and create different characters, giving different answers to that questions, and see how they change your character’s mood and way of behavior. No matter what options you set, the process of playing will make you fall in love with Dream Daddy.


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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