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Art director and co-creator of the game Dream Daddy is excited and terrified at the same time after finally releasing it. The idea of realizing came to Leighton Gray when he was sitting at the art college. He started drawing the characters at the spur of the moment and soon a Dad Dating Simulator came into existence. Are you interested in where he got inspiration for the characters’ images? Simple – standing in a queue in Disneyland. Gray and Hot Pepper Gaming’s Vernon Shaw examined the dads in a line. One of them wore socks with sandals, the other had a baby bjorn. Pictures settled in Gray and Shaw’s imagination and there was no way back – a dad dating game has to be created! For Vernon, who has always liked to do crazy things, it’s a great opportunity to have fun. Dream Daddy was released in July in partnership with Game Grumps. The simulator represents a father culture in various ways. Romance, childcare, humor and other cute stuff are waiting for you to be explored in this game. And here’s another surprise – your goal is to meet seven hot dads, go dating with them and choose the one who fits you. Don’t forget to present them to your daughter Amanda before she leaves for college. The types of the man you date range from mature and level-headed to impulsive hooligans. You’ll read lots of jokes and specific terms in the dialogues between the characters. These small details of the conversations make the game seem very realistic.

Shaw considers that dad relationships worth discussion. He says that depending on whether it’s good or bad, your life turns in a certain direction. Shaw explains that for people the word ‘dad’ means someone who cares about the other person, bound to him by genetic links. But what if look at the situation from the other side? What if the second dad enters a non-nuclear family? This might happen. Don’t you agree? The game Dream Daddy makes you review the traditional standards of relationship.


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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