Dream Daddy steam


Everybody needs romance, and video games developers know this pretty well. There are dating simulators for every taste, and you may date even horses or pigeons that may hardly be called normal, but this is just a way of time-killing, and everyone deserves to play the game he or she likes. July, 2017 stroke the world by a new game Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator that became super hit in a few days. It isn’t that usual for a common player, but very interesting, and is much more pleasant than dating a horse with a human face. Are you intrigued?

Your character is a single man, who is bringing up a young girl just finishing school. He feels that he is ready to be engaged in new relationships, and he needs your help to overcome all difficulties and, eventually, find the one, with whom he could share his entire life. The only thing is that now he is interested in men, and the best candidate is the other caring father, who cherish family values and knows how to love. Finding one is not so easy task, and you will make a lot of efforts to find the ideal soul mate for your ideal father. Well, you will see plenty of adorable dads, and your task is to go dates, and communicate with candidates, make necessary conclusions and choose the right one.

All men are very handsome, intelligent and attractive. They have peculiar hobbies, and you will become a different person in front of them. There will be dozens of hilarious moments, and even you feel that a man dating other guys isn’t so cool, you will change your thought after you indulge yourself a few instants in the game. While meeting those boyfriends don’t forget to consult your child, because she needs your help more than ever. So, don’t waste your time on reading comments, just start the game, and you will see all its advantages in your own eyes.


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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