Dream Daddy gameplay


The most anticipated game of this summer is as hot as the season! Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator was released just in the right time – the period of vacations and school holidays. Enjoy the sunny weather and have some fun playing this extraordinary simulator. The protagonist of the game is a man whose spouse has recently passed away. But he has enough courage to fight against sad emotions. And there’s a solution – move to another town. The guy takes his daughter Amanda with him and they’re already on their way. Life in Maple Bay begins with a pleasant meeting. A hospitable Dad with a dog desperately wants to get acquainted with the new-comers. It would be impolite to go unpacking, so leave it for tomorrow and have a nice conversation instead. Oh, this Daddy’s got a good sense of humor! But he isn’t the one in the neighborhood! There are plenty of other cool Dads ready to flirt with you. Who will date the first: Goth Dad or Teacher Dad, the owner of the bar or the seductive bandit? Seven options will be available for you. Use a DadBook to write messages to the cute guys. Who knows, maybe one of them is your destiny?

You can play the game online or download it on your PC. Click on the download button, open a zip file and run the launcher. These simple steps allow you to play Dream Daddy anytime.


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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