Dream Daddy 2017


Joseph is the dreamiest of all the Daddies. He’s physically fit and handsome. The man lives next to your door. Joseph’s married and he’s a father of four wonderful children: Chris, Crish, Christian and Christie. You might think that the family hasn’t got imagination but don’t be hasty with your conclusions. All the four were named in the honor of Jesus Christ. Joseph himself is a youth minister at church. When he doesn’t work, he goes to the seaside. Studying his profile in DadBook, you’ll find out that he likes to play the guitar and read good books. Notwithstanding Joseph’s spiritual nature, he’s not a sort of obedient boy. He’s got a tattoo and look at his muscles! When you visit his place to get to know him better, he’ll prove himself as a very inviting owner. The twins Christie and Christian will love your jokes! Make a good impression on the kids and Joseph won’t take his eyes off you. His wife will be no more an obstacle! Your daughter Amanda will like the neighbor too!


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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